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Celebrating our clients during "lockdown 2.0"

Well, as I write this on 6th November 2020, it’s been a busy week working with clients as they adapt for Lockdown 2.0! We thought we’d give you a run-down of where they are all at & an insight into what we’ve been working on:

Bolton Abbey announced they would be staying open for outdoor exercise. It is still only open to those that pre-book & they ask all visitors to adhere to government guidance. We’ve supported them with digital comms and PR.

Birdsall House had a busy summer as it became a film location & the day before another lockdown here in the UK hosted a small, safe last-minute pre-lockdown wedding. They’ve been busy with that and we’ve been managing their social media & PR, as well as writing a monthly blog.

Great Place: Lakes and Dales continues to support arts, culture and young people in the region. We’re now working with them to produce a virtual Christmas Gift Guide to encourage people to support businesses, artists and makers in the area. We also continue to manage their social media, PR, digital content and marketing strategy.

Prior to this lockdown, Badapple Theatre had turned a barn into a theatre and filmed it’s touring hit Eddie and the Gold Tops in it! How can you see it?To be announced soon! We’re supporting them with PR.

Carrs Windows Ltd can stay open to make their sought after windows and doors but the show area is now closed. Fear not though because in the last lockdown they won a competition and have a virtual show area on their website! We’ve continued to support them with social media management and blog content.

endtoendIT are largely unchanged, after all, they’re the masters of remote working! We support them with social media content and write their monthly blog, this month there’s two posts advising those in their sector on marketing, branding and social media.

Virpi of Kettu Studios mastered the art of making animation remotely when she made the music video for Katy Perry’s Resilient in the first lockdown. So now she continues to work her magic from Skipton having just returned from Saperli Puppet Festival.

And as for one other mystery client…you’ll have to stay tuned! Huge thanks to our clients for trusting us with their comms at this funny ol’ time, it’s a rollercoaster but we’re so proud to work with you all! A personal thank you from me to the Comms Kick team, Beth and Toby for their hard work!



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