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Content Ideas Consultation

Are you struggling with ideas for your social media at the moment? In these uncertain times it can be challenging to think of interesting content for individual posts let alone plan an entire campaign. For Comms Kick clients a mix of planned content and reactionary posts is working well. Knowing one of my clients has lots of keen amateur and professional photographers that follow them, I planned content for National Camera Day. Two days later, it’s reached over 20,000 people on Instagram and Facebook and 20% of these people weren’t following them. It’s also had over 1,500 people engage with it. With the aim of raising profile, this one piece of content has certainly done that. In my one to one virtual consultations a topic I can cover is content ideas. I’d also work with you to ensure the angles you’re taking and the platforms you’re using are right for your goals. Next slots are available in August, contact me for more details.



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