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Nostalgic content in a time of crises

When it comes to content for businesses as we weave our way through this difficult time it can be challenging to think up appropriate or interesting ideas. Since April we've been encouraging clients to try to use historical or nostalgic content when they are feeling a bit stuck. While putting together some social media content for client Bolton Abbey recently, we discovered some old photographs taken by E E Slater via the Aireborough Historical Society and, with their permission (thanks guys!), we're going to be posting a series of them over the next few weeks. This first one, posted yesterday, has already seen some sort of engagement (like/comment/share) from over 2,000 people. With 30k people reached on Facebook and Instagram. ⭐️Key though, is that 60% of the people it has reached on Instagram were not following the client's account already, raising brand awareness amongst a lot of new people.⭐️ At Comms Kick, we're seeing similar trends using nostalgic or historical content with other clients. So could you tap into this with your brand?

We will expand on ideas using nostalgia in the next issue of Drop Kick (out end of November) so subscribe here now:

Image used with thanks to Aireborough Historical Society.



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