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PR Tips for time-strapped small business

Working with the press is not just for large companies; writers love small business! Get started with these five tips (originally published in Aspire magazine):

Press coverage in a national newspaper
Coverage achieved in The Observer 2019

1. When sending out information, write in the third person. Writing in the third person means journalists and bloggers can copy and paste your information to create an article or blog post.

BBC The One Show
This coverage achieved on The One Show (BBC) linked to the Queens 100th birthday despite the product being a theatre production

2. Link your business to trends in the media. Small businesses often think they can only approach press about recent news. But what about content for features? Think about how your business links to trends. For example, sustainability, Valentines Day or even…dare I say…politics.

3. Invest in great photographs. You never know when a journalist might get in touch. Having high quality images ready means you’re more likely to get featured by a newspaper or magazine.

Investing in great photos is key. Image by Ant Robling. Concept by Comms Kick.

4. Know who you’re targeting. This is the fun bit. If there’s a particular place you want your business to feature – familiarise yourself with it! If it’s a magazine, read it each month; if it’s a radio show, make sure you’re always listening. You’ll start to understand exactly what kind of content your target uses.

5. Keep your own blog and social media up-to-date. Journalists will look at these to find out more about you. Plus, if you do get coverage, this ensures potential customers can discover even more about your product or service.



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