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Twitter introduces audio tweets

Audio Tweets

So you'll soon be able to tweet with your voice (if you can't already). This is a big update from Twitter and lots of commentators are saying it will make the platform more human & prevent text getting misinterpreted. My thoughts are that with Twitter's reputation for being the nasty platform this is a really positive move but I think it will also leave a lot of professionals & B2B companies (who feel voice & video is less serious) worried. The problem is, that view is so outdated. Head to Instagram and there are loads of entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners releasing great content by talking to camera on the stories feature and seeing huge engagement, so it's great that Twitter is tapping into that. It's also going to be a really great way to repurpose content from podcasts and youtube videos - which are an effective but time-consuming way to demonstrate your expertise and achievements. Will your brand be trying out this update when you get it? If you'd like to book a two-hour consultation on your B2B marketing strategy, I have availability in August 2020.



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