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Four tips for November 2020.

Right then everyone! Comms Kick currently supports seven small businesses - some leaning towards the M in 'SME', some so new, we've not even announced we're working with them yet. is affected by the new measures announced on Saturday. is having to adapt in some way now. And if you're a business reading this - chances are, so do you.

Make sure you let people know:

💪HOW you are adapting this time. Don't feel you need to copy the government's stern and serious tone, tell a story, let people see behind the scenes. Write in a way you would talk.

💪 WHO the people behind your business are. The pictures of you packing up boxes or sitting in your makeshift home office might not be about to win any photography prizes but this reminds everyone that you're a real-life human who THEY can get behind!

💪How THEY benefit from your product or service. As always don't just tell people what you've got, tell them what it does for them. Will it entertain them during lockdown? Give them a break? Get them organised for Christmas? I always think of it as a publisher selling books, they don't just tell us about the new novel by Claire Mackintosh, they tell us about the new crime thriller that will have us on the edge of our seat!

💪Don't forget to post all this on Linked In and Twitter too, where the press might see it. Press are keen for good businesses stories at the moment - why shouldn't it be yours?




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