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Comms Kick is managed by Chloë Hampson Ward, who has over ten years experience in communications (PR and marketing).

Comms Kick is based in the Yorkshire Dales but our work takes us all over the place.

Chloe has over ten years experience in a decade that saw Facebook go from a fun activity for university students to the world’s biggest content provider. She has completed training in Rebranding (Culture Hive), Digital Content (Audience Agency), Integrated Marketing (AMA), Understanding and Implementing SEO (Loughborough University) and Working with the Media (TMA) and can provide a jargon – free and friendly PR and marketing solution for your business. 

After beginning her career as a Marketing Assistant when conversations were still occasionally interrupted by a fax machine, Chloe has worked on communications for York Theatre Royal, (including managing the campaign for The Guardian’s Top Theatre Pick Of 2015 ‘In Fog and Falling Snow’), Giggleswick School, Rural Arts and ON Tour, and a range of small businesses and campaign launches. 



Press coverage regularly includes national titles such as the Sunday Times,  The Guardian, The Independent, The Mirror, a BBC Documentary, BBC Radio and various glossy magazines.


She has negotiated advertising in a huge range of titles, from local press and national titles such as Tatler and Waitrose magazine to digital advertising and outdoor placement with budgets from £500 to £75,000. This includes working directly with publishers and with advertising agencies and producing outstanding returns on investment. 

Chloe has launched social media accounts and managed website development for a range of organisations. Her knowledge is constantly refreshed to respond to the latest algorithms released by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which determine how many people see your posts. 


She has previously won three business awards for her work on Barn Door Theatre, which began as a theatre company but following a number of successful PR campaigns quickly developed into a marketing consultancy, helping organisations engage with their target market in innovative and interactive ways.

Chloe is passionate about opportunities for young people living in rural areas and has spoken about this issue at various conferences and events. She has managed various projects in rural areas as Development Manager for Rural Arts and now manages a number of projects that focus on community development in rural areas. 


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Chloë manages all Comms Kick contracts and is always happy to meet for a chat if you're considering your communications options. The Comms Kick team is then made up of other experienced freelancers (such as designers and photographers) depending on what is required for various campaigns.